Indian GK Question August 2020

Indian GK Question August 2020

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So let’s get started with a quick test of your current GK knowledge of India with these new GK questions. Try to solve them yourself first.Today we have the best August Indian GK Questions for you. Came with questioning with answer. These questions are useful for all government exams.

So Start Today’s Best Indian GK Question August 2020

1) How many years has Pradhan Mantri Jaan Dhan Yojna completed in 2020?

a. 6 years

b. 5 years

c. 7 years

d. 4 years

2) Which state government has launched the first marine ambulance in India?

a. Kerala

b. Go to

c. Mumbai

d. Tamil nadu

3) With which country will India open inland waterways and when?

A. Bangladesh on September 3, 2020

b. Bangladesh on September 21, 2020

c. Nepal on September 3

d. Nepal on September 21

4) When is National Sports Day celebrated in India?

a. August 22nd

b. August 29

c. August 21

d. August 25th

5) Who was Dhyan Chand?

a. Legendary hockey player

b. Legendary cricketer

c. Legendary soccer player

d. Legendary basketball player

6) In which states are the Noakhali festivals celebrated?

a. Odisha and Jharkhand

b. Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand

c. Odisha and Chhattisgarh

d. All of the above

7) When will the International Solar Alliance hold the World Summit on Solar Technology for the first time?

a. September 10, 2020

b. September 6, 2020

c. September 9, 2020

d. September 8, 2020

8) Which president died of COVID-19?

a. Pranab Mukherjee

b. Indira Gandhi

c. Rajiv Gandhi

d. A.P.J. Abdul kalam

9) How many years of political career did former President Pranab Mukherjee have?

a. 50 years

b. 51 years

c. 52 years.

d. 49 years

How many questions from GK did you answer yourself? Do you want to know how many of your answers were correct? Then check out the answer table given below for the above mentioned New GK questions about India.

Answers Of Question

Question NumberAnswer
1a) 6 years
2A) Bangladesh on September 3.
3A) Kerala
4B) August 29
5a) Legendary hockey player
6c) Odisha and Chhattisgarh
7d) September 8, 2020
8a) Pranab Mukherjee
9b) 51 years

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Years Former President Pranab Mukherjee died after COVID-19 diagnosis Have you read GK’s questions about India? If you haven’t read them yet, try them too.

1) Is the oldest mountain range in India ______?

a. Himalayas

b. Western ghats

c. Aravali Mountains

d. None of the above

2) Is the head minister count in India _____?

a. 30

b. 29

c. 31

d. 28

3) Is Ganesh Chahturthi a festival that is widely celebrated on ______?

a. Bengal

b. Maharashtra

c. Sikkim

d. Delhi

4. What Independence Day did India celebrate in 2020?

a. 71st

b. 74th

c. 72nd

d. 70

5. Elephant Falls located at?

a. Meghalaya

b. Manipur

c. Mizoram

d. Maharashtra

6) Dakshina Ganga is another name for?

a. Godavari river

b. Mahanadi

c. Kaveri

d. Krishna

7. Who presented the 2020-21 Union Budget?

a. Prime Minister

b. President

c. Finance Minister

d. Minister of Education

8. Who is the Finance Minister of India in 2020?

a. Manish Sisodia

b. Nirmala Sitharaman

c. Nitin gadkari

d. Ramesh Pokhriyal

9) Which of the following rivers flows in a rift valley?

a. The son

b. The narmada

c. The Yamuna

d. The Luni

10. The largest coffee producing state in India?

a. Karnataka

b. Arunachal pradesh

c. Assam

d. Kerala

11. Who is the first lady to receive a Sena award?

a. Santosh Yadav

b. Aishwarya rai

c. Sheriff Bimla Devi

d. Kiran Bedi

12) Who is the Chief Minister of West Bengal?

a. Yogi Adityanath

b. Pramod sawant

c. Jai Ram Thakur

d. Mamata banerjee

13. What project is carried out on the Satlej river?

a. Bhakra-Nangal

b. Kobra project

c. Speaking power

d. Rihand

14) Is Shivraj Singh Chouhan sworn in as Chief Minister of MP for ______ time?

a. First time

b. Third time

c. Fourth time

d. Second time

15) How many languages ​​are there in India?

a. 29

b. 22

c. 27

d. twenty

16 Which of the following states is in the south?





17. Who announced the National Education Policy in India?

a. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi

b. Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi

c. Prime Minister Narendra Modi

d. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh

18. When was the National Education Policy introduced in India?

a. 1966

b. 1986

c. 1968

d. 1992

19) Who is the youngest woman to climb Mount Everest?

a. Fatima bibi

b. Leila seth

c. Dina vakil

d. Dicky dolma

20) Which of the countries does not share land borders with India?

a. Takistan

b. Nepal

c. Bhutan

d. Bangladesh

Check the answers to the GK 2020 questions above and get a score of 20.

Question NumberAnswerQuestion numberAnswer

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