List of major National Organisations

List of Major National Organisations

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Major National Organisations | National Organisations

National Organisations are associations that monitor the functioning of various programs and departments in a country. They are publicly funded government agencies responsible for a variety of certifying, approving, examining, or registering any program that is of National importance. They provide functional autonomy and helps in enhancing the quality and provide accountability. Their manner of functioning helps in gaining larger funding which eventually results in the nation’s benefits. The organizations act as a medium for the government in helping the public. Organizations exist for a variety of reasons. There are more than 300 national organizations in India. Here is a list of some major national organizations beneficial in exam preparations.

List of some major National Organisations

Reserve Bank of India-National Organisations

Reserve Bank of India

Abbreviation: RBI

Headquarters: Mumbai

Establishment: 1935

Board of Control for Cricket in India-National Organisations

Board of Control for Cricket in India

Abbreviation: BCCI

Headquarters: Mumbai


Central Board of Secondary Education-National Organisations

Central Board of Secondary Education

Abbreviation: CBSE

Headquarters: New Delhi

Establishment: 1929

State Bank of India-National Organisations

State Bank of India

Abbreviation: SBI

Headquarters: Mumbai

Establishment: 1955

UTI-National Organisatons

Unit Trust of India

Abbreviation: UTI

Headquarters: Mumbai

Establishment: 1964

Election Commission of India-National Organisations

Election Commission of India

Abbreviation: ECI

Headquarters: New Delhi

Establishment: 1950

National Testing Agency-National Organisations

National Testing Agency

Abbreviation: NTA

Headquarters: New Delhi

Establishment: 2017

Indian Space Research Organization-National Organisations

Indian Space Research Organisation

Abbreviation: ISRO

Headquarters: Bengaluru

Establishment: 1969

National Investigation Agency-National Organisations

National Investigation Agency

Abbreviation: NIA

Headquarters: New Delhi

Establishment: 2009

Steel Authority of India Limited-National Organisations

Steel Authority of India Limited

Abbreviation: SAIL

Headquarters: New Delhi

Establishment: 1954

National Institute of Transforming India-National Organisations

National Institute of Transforming India

Abbreviation: NITI Aayog

Headquarters: New Delhi

Establishment: 2015

National Highway Authority of India-National Organisations

National Highway Authority of India

Abbreviation: NHAI

Headquarters: New Delhi

Establishment: 1988

Defence Research and Development Organisation-National Organisations

Defense Research and Development Organisation

Abbreviation: DRDO

Headquarters: New Delhi

Establishment: 1958

National Insurance Company Limited- National Organisations

National Insurance Company Limited

Abbreviation: NICL

Headquarters: Kolkata

Establishment: 1906

Institute of Chartered Accountants of India-National Organisations

Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

Abbreviation: ICAI

Headquarters: New Delhi

Establishment: 1949

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited-National Organisations

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited

Abbreviation: BSNL

Headquarters: New Delhi

Establishment: 2000

National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development-National Organisations

National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development

Abbreviation: NABARD

Headquarters: Mumbai

Establishment: 1982

Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India-National Organisations

Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India

Abbreviation: ICICI

Headquarters: Mumbai

Establishment: 1994

Central Board of Film Certification-National Organisations

Central Board of Film Certification

Abbreviation: CBFC

Headquarters: Mumbai

Establishment: 1951

Securities and Exchange Board of India-National Organisations

Securities and Exchange Board of India

Abbreviation: SEBI

Headquarters: Mumbai

Establishment: 1992

Central Pollution Control Board-National Organisations

Central Pollution Control Board

Abbreviation: CPCB

Headquarters: New Delhi

Establishment: 1974

Council of Scientific and Industrial Research-National Organisations

Council of Scientific and Industrial Research

Abbreviation: CSIR

Headquarters: New Delhi

Establishment: 1942

Indian Council of Medical Research-National Organisation

Indian Council of Medical Research

Abbreviation: ICMR

Headquarters: New Delhi

Establishment: 1911

Indian Bureau of Mines-National Organisations

Indian Bureau of Mines

Abbreviation: IBM

Headquarters: Nagpur, Maharashtra

Establishment: 1948

Life Insurance Corporation of India-National Organisations

Life Insurance Corporation of India

Abbreviation: LIC

Headquarters: Mumbai

Establishment: 1956

National Council of Educational Research and Training-National Organisations

National Council of Educational Research and Training

Abbreviation: NCERT

Headquarters: New Delhi

Establishment: 1961

Defense Exhibition Organisation- National Organisations

Defense Exhibition Organisation

Abbreviation: DEO

Establishment: 1981

Headquarters: New Delhi

National Research Development Corporation-National Organisations

National Research Development Corporation

Abbreviation: NRDC

Headquarters: New Delhi

Establishment: 1953

National Institute of Public Cooperation and Child Development-National Organisations

National Institute of Public Cooperation and Child Development

Abbreviation: NIPCCD

Headquarters: New Delhi

Establishment: 1966

National Water Supply & Drainage Board-National Organisations

National Water Supply & Drainage Board

Abbreviation: NWSDB

Headquarters: Sri Lanka

Establishment: 1974

Sports Authority of India-National Organisations

Sports Authority of India

Abbreviation: SAI

Headquarters: New Delhi

Establishment: 1961

Survey of India-National Organisations

Survey of India

Abbreviation: SoI

Headquarters: Dehradun

Establishment: 1767

National Safety Council-National Organisations

National Safety Council

Abbreviation: NSC

Headquarters: Mumbai

Establishment: 1913

Indian Council of Agricultural Research-National Organisations

Indian Council of Agricultural Research

Abbreviation: ICAR

Headquarters: New Delhi

Establishment: 1929

Bureau of Indian Standards-National Organisations

Bureau of Indian Standards

Abbreviation: BIS

Headquarters: New Delhi

Establishment: 1986

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India-National Organisations

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India

Abbreviation: FSSAI

Headquarters: New Delhi

Establishment: 2011

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited-National Organisations

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited

Abbreviation: BPCL

Headquarters: Mumbai

Establishment: 1860

National Thermal Power Corporation Limited-National Organisations

National Thermal Power Corporation Limited

Abbreviation: NTPC Limited

Headquarters: New Delhi

Establishment: 1975

Indian Oil Corporation Limited-National Organisations

Indian Oil Corporation Limited

Abbreviation: IOCL

Headquarters: New Delhi

Establishment: 1964

National Insurance Company-National Organisations

National Insurance Company

Abbreviation: NIC

Headquarters: Kolkata

Establishment: 1906

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation-National Organisations

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation

Abbreviation: ONGC

Headquarters: New Delhi

Establishment: 1947

National Aluminium Company-National Organisations

National Aluminium Company

Abbreviation: NALCO

Headquarters: Bhubaneshwar, Odisha

Establishment: 1981

Indian Stainless Steel Development Association-National Organisations

Indian Stainless Steel Development Association

Abbreviation: ISSDA

Headquarters: Haryana

Establishment: 1989

Federation of Indian Export Organization-National Organisations

Federation of Indian Export Organisation

Abbreviation: FIEO

Headquarters: Mumbai

Establishment: 1965

Advertising Standards Council of India-National Organisations

Advertising Standards Council of India

Abbreviation: ASCI

Headquarters: Mumbai

Establishment: 1985

Small Industries Development Bank of India-National Organisations

Small Industries Development Bank of India

Abbreviation: SIDBI

Headquarters: Lucknow

Establishment: 1990

Housing and Urban Development Corporation-National Organisations

Housing and Urban Development Corporation

Abbreviation: HUDC

Headquarters: New Delhi

Establishment: 1970

Bharat Dynamics Limited-National Organisations

Bharat Dynamics Limited

Abbreviation: BDL

Headquarters: Hyderabad

Establishment: 1970

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