Top 10 Largest Dams In India

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Top 10 Largest Dams In India
Top 10 Largest Dams In India
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Top 10 Largest Dams In India (2021): Hello Guys, Are you Searching Top 10 Most Biggest and Largest Dams In India (2021)? You Come to opportune spot to Know Biggest and Largest Dams In India. It is safe to say that you are planning for serious tests? This point is generally valuable to Get 1-2 imprints in any test. We should Start Article:-

Dams are the ideal instances of compositional and structural designing wonders. Intense, solid, and amazingly strong, they contain giant solid dividers and impervious constructions. Creating gigantic measures of hydroelectricity, dams are inescapable for water system, modern use, and homegrown purposes.

In India, there’s an enormous potential for development of monstrous dams, attributable to the country’s plentiful water assets and numerous waterways. After freedom, India has built a few dams and water repositories, with around 4300 as of now developed huge dams. In addition, there are a few activities in the pipeline. They additionally draw in numerous travelers consistently.

Here are the Top 10 Largest Dams in India:

S.N.state /townName of DamRiverHeightLengthstorage capacity
1.UttarakhandTehri DamBhagirathi River260.5 m (855 ft)575 m (1,886 ft)4 km3 (3,242,853 acre⋅ft)
2.Himachal PradeshBhakra Nangal DamSutlej River226 m (741 ft)518 m (1,699 ft)9.62 km3 (7,799,061 acre⋅ft)
3.GujaratSardar Sarovar Dam aka Narmada DamNarmada river138.68 m (455 ft)1,210 m (3,970 ft)9.5 km3 (7,701,775 acre⋅ft)
4.OdishaHirakud DamMahanadi183 m (600 ft)50 km (164,042 ft)5.896 km3 (4,779,965 acre⋅ft)
5.Andhra Pradesh and TelanganaNagarjuna Sagar DamKrishna River124.66 m (409 ft)4,865 m (15,961 ft)1.561 km3 (9,372,655 acre⋅ft)
6.MaharashtraKoyna DamKoyna River103.2 m (339 ft)807.2 m (2,648 ft)2.7974 km3 (2,267,889 acre⋅ft)
7.Madhya PradeshIndira Sagar DamNarmada River92 m (302 ft)653 m (2,142 ft)12.2 km3 (9,890,701 acre⋅ft)
8.Uttar PradeshRihand DamRihand River91.44 m(300 ft)934.21 m(3065 ft)
10.6 km^3
9.Tamil NaduMettur DamKaveri River65 m(213.2 ft)1.7 km(5,577ft)93.5TMC2.64 km3(2,140,286 acre-ft)
10.Krishna Sagar DamCauvery River

List of Most Biggest & Largest Dams In India

1. Tehri Dam

Image result for Tehri Dam
Top 10 Largest Dams In India: Tehri dam
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The Tehri Dam is the tallest dam in India. It is a multi-reason rock and earth-fill bank dam on the Bhagirathi River close to Tehri in Uttarakhand, India. It is the essential dam of the THDC India Ltd. furthermore, the Tehri hydroelectric complex. Stage 1 was finished in 2006.

2. Bhakra Nangal Dam

Image result for 2. Bhakra Nangal Dam
Top 10 Largest Dams In India: Bhakra Nangal Dam
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A solid gravity dam, the Bhakra Nangal Dam is situated across the Sutlej waterway in Himachal Pradesh. It is the second-most elevated and the biggest dam in India, including a tallness of 225 meters and length of 520 meters.

It is the second biggest Dam in Asia. The Bhakra Nangal multipurpose dams are first among the stream valley progression plans taken by the public authority after freedom.

3. Sardar Sarowar Dam aka Narmada Dam

Image result for 3. Sardar Sarovar Dam aka Narmada Dam
Top 10 Largest Dams In India: Sardar Sarowar Dam aka Narmada Dam
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The Sardar Sarovar Dam is a solid gravity dam based on the Narmada stream in Kevadiya close to Navagam, Gujarat in India. Four Indian states, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan, get water and power provided from the dam. The establishment stone of the venture was spread out by Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru on fifth April 1961. The venture accepting structure in 1979 as a component of an advancement conspire supported by the World Bank through their International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, to build water system and produce hydroelectricity, utilizing an advance of US$200 million.

4. Hirakud Dam

Image result for 4. Hirakud Dam
Top 10 Largest Dams In India: harikud dam
credit image:

The following passage on our rundown is the Hirakud dam, which is worked across the Mahanadi River in Odisha. It is perhaps the longest dam on the planet with a length of 26 km and a stature of 61 meters. The dam likewise has two perception towers, in particular “Gandhi Minar” and “Nehru Minar”.

Steers Island, Vimleshwar Temple, Huma Temple, and Ushakothi Wildlife Sanctuary are a portion of the close by vacation destinations from the dam where you will wouldn’t fret to expand your Hirakud Dam trip.

5. Nagarjuna Sagar Dam

Image result for 5. Nagarjuna Sagar Dam
Top 10 Largest Dams In India: Nagarjuna Sagar Dam
credit image:

Nagarjuna Sagar Dam is a stone work dam across the Krishna River at Nagarjuna Sagar which rides the line between Guntur region in Andhra Pradesh and Nalgonda area in Telangana. Built somewhere in the range of 1955 and 1967, the dam made a water repository with net stockpiling limit of 11.472 billion cubic meters.

6. Koyna Dam

Image result for 6. Koyna Dam
Top 10 Largest Dams In India: Koyna Dam
credit image:

Maharashtra is known for lodging the absolute greatest dams in India. What’s more, Koyna Dam is one of the enormous scope projects in the state; with a tallness of 103 meters.

This elastic solid dam is built across the Koyna River and is utilized for creating hydroelectricity and serving the water system needs of adjoining states. Koyna Dam has a creation limit of 1920 MW.

7. Indira Sagar Dam

Image result for 7. Indira Sagar Dam
Top 10 Largest Dams In India: Indira Sagar Dam
credit image:

The Indira Sagar Dam is a multipurpose undertaking of the state Madhya Pradesh on the Narmada River at the town of Narmada Nagar, Punasa in the Khandwa area of Madhya Pradesh in India. The establishment stone of the task was laid by late Indira Gandhi, previous Prime Minister of India on 23 October 1984.

8. Rihand Dam

Image result for 8. Rihand Dam
Top 10 Largest Dams In India: Rihan Dam
credit image:

The Rihand Dam is the greatest dam, regarding volume in India. It is otherwise called the Gobind Ballabh Pant Sagar Dam and was fabricated long back from 1954 to 1962.

Situated on the boundary of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh; Rihand Dam is a solid gravity structure and has a tallness of 91.44 meters. It has an absolute limit of 300 MW.

9. Mettur Dam

Image result for 9. Mettur Dam
Top 10 Largest Dams In India: Mettur Dam
credit image:

The Mettur Dam is probably the biggest dam in India and furthermore the biggest in Tamil Nadu, situated across the stream Cauvery where it enters the fields. Inherent 1934, it required 9 years to finish. Most extreme stature and width of the dam are 214 and 171 feet separately.

10. Krishna Sagar Dam

Image result for 10. Krishna Sagar Dam
Top 10 Largest Dams In India: Krishna Sagar Dam
credit image:

It is likewise based on the Cauvery River, the Krishna Sagar Dam is situated in Karnataka, close to Mysore.

The design isn’t just known for its ability to produce huge measures of hydroelectricity and water system water but on the other hand is celebrated for lodging the Brindavan Gardens — quite possibly the most frequented places of interest in India.

Top 10 Most Biggest and Largest Dams In India FAQs

Q.1 Which is the greatest and biggest dam of India?

Ans. Bhakra Nangal Dam

Q.2 Which is the second biggest dam in India?

Ans. Hirakud Dam

Q 3. Which is the most established dam in India?

Ans. Kallanai Dam

Q.4 Which is the first dam in Quite a while?

Ans. Kallanai Dam

Q.5 Which state has most dams in India?


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