Dances of india

Art and Culture


Bharatnatyam originated in Tamil Nadu. It was earlier known as Daasiyattam. This dance form has been handed down through the centuries by dance teachers called nattuwanars. 


This classical dance form is particularly noticed for the dancer’s elaborate costumes, eye-catching look, towering headgear, billowing skirts, and long silver nails. 


Kathak means ‘to tell a story’. It is a north Indian dance form, inextricably bound with classical Hindustani music, and the rhythmic agility of the feet is accompanied by the table or pakhawaj.


Kuchipudi originated in Andhra Pradesh. It derived its name from the village Kuchipudi (Kuchelapuram) in Andhra Pradesh.  


The form is curvaceous, concentrating on the tribhang or the division of the body into three parts, head, bust, and torso. The mudras and expressions are similar to those of Bharatnatyam. 

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